Free vs Paid Advertising – What you need to know

///Free vs Paid Advertising – What you need to know

Free vs Paid Advertising – What you need to know

Free Online Advertising VS. Paid Advertising

Free Web Traffic BotEverything is about driving more traffic to your website, with all other things in place we all know that you need to advertise. Now how do you go about getting people to actually visit the site you worked so hard to set up? With advertising of course. There’s always keyword optimization, on-page optimization, off-page optimization and professional SEO Services that can help you set up and drive visits to your site, but if you want immediate traffic you’ll have to invest in online advertising.

We can’t say it enough:  “you have to spend money to make money”. Sure there are a few ways of advertising without it having to cost you anything, so let’s have a look at the difference between paid advertising and free advertising.

Free Advertising:

Google Organic Traffic

Free advertising is actually good if you are a newbie and still need to save some money up. It does take time unfortunately, but you all know this by now. There are numerous free classified websites that you can advertise on in the hope to reach all potential clients for your niche. The downside of free advertising like this is that you don’t just target specific people but everyone looking through the sites to find what they are looking for, unfortunately a downside. You might be able to lure a few visits depending on your content and their interest in it. But still it’s a way to get some visits at least.

Search Engines

Paid Advertising:

Now with taking the time and money to focus your efforts on paid advertising you’ll be able to do the following:  Target the right audience, you’ll be able to see immediate results, and you’ll be able to control and see the ROI (Return on Investment). Now we are in no way saying throw all the money you have in paid advertising, you need a proper strategy plan and also view the platforms (like search engines) and what they offer carefully to decide which paid advertising campaign would pay off best.

We Suggest Trying Both

We would suggest doing both, there is absolutely no harm in it. The more you get the word out there the more it will benefit you in the end. Just make sure that when you do decide to go for paid advertising that you do it right from the start. There is absolutely no use in paying a ridiculous amount on advertising if your strategy and if a proper campaign is not in place. So start off with free advertising and see where it takes you. Through this you’ll get a better understanding of what you would like to do when it comes to paid advertising. Be creative, think outside the box and good luck on your advertising venture.