Free & Silver Traffic Bot Changelog/Updates

/Free & Silver Traffic Bot Changelog/Updates
Free & Silver Traffic Bot Changelog/Updates 2017-05-17T13:29:34+00:00

Rugoshath Traffic Bot

Free & Silver Editions Changelog:

v1.16 – Increased speed at which Active Users are determined
– Advanced log system implemented
– Logs are cleared properly
– Improved overall speed of processes
– Further decreased memory load and CPU usage
– Added Scheduler (lite edition only)

v1.159 – Fixed bug causing software to not stop in some cases
– Fixed minor loop error
– Reduced Memory and CPU usage

v1.158 – Memory usage tweaks
– Fixed minor issue that could cause crash
– Fixed bug to disallow duplicate new users
– Updated accuracy of hits counter

v1.157 – New log messages added
– Fixed bug when closing threads
– Memory usage tweaks
– 2 minor bug fixes
– Fixed clear cookies bug
– Data cleared properly when bot stops
– Added new alerts